Open Letter: World Bank – ensure development aid for education supports public provision

In October 2019, over 170 organisations urged the World Bank to ensure that development aid for education is used to support the public provision of free, quality education that benefits all without discrimination of any kind, such as discrimination based on socio-economic disadvantage, caste, gender identity, race or disability. Originally published on the Oxfam website:

Statement: Response to World Bank President Jim Kim’s speech “Ending Extreme Poverty by 2030: The Final Push”

Concerned community members and civil society organisations in Kenya and Uganda released this response to President Jim Kim’s speech praising the for-profit, fee-charging chain of private primary schools, Bridge International Academies. The statement rebuts the claim that school fees at BIA are “just” $6 per month, as well as the claim that the World Bank can help end poverty by […]